High Sierra Lacrosse promotes and supports men's and women's lacrosse for grade school, high school, and collegiate participants in the Northern Nevada, High Sierra, and Lake Tahoe region.

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Lacrosse Gear and Equipment
by Jennifer Davies on 4/19/2018

Complete set of men’s lacrosse gear & equipment. Bought new in March and barely used; Nike Vapor 2.0 shoulder pad (Lg), Maverick elbow pads, Warrior Burn gloves, New Balance shoes (men’s 10-1/2), 


Cascade CPV-R Helmet (M/L), Warrior lacrosse gear bag bought last season.  $450 for entire set. For individual price, please contact.  Read Less

Custom Stringing Service!
by HighSierraStrings on 8/16/2015

HighSierraStrings Logo

Hello everyone! I am Brooks Lange from HighSierraStrings, the only professional stringing service in Northern Nevada. We operate in the Reno/Tahoe area, but sell and string for people worldwide. Our mission here at HighSierraStrings is to create the perfect pocket for the perfect player. Please check us out on Instagram, our name is @highsierrastrings. We have over 1400 followers as of today and growing quickly. We string both mesh and traditional pockets, and also dye heads. We are part of the fight against factory strung sticks, which no player should ever have to experience. We handcraft every stringing we do. The price is $10 if you provide the mesh, and $10 plus the cost of the mesh if I have to provide it. We have a wide selection of mesh we string with. Some of the brands that we recommend are listed below. When buying a new head, please take into account that it will be sent to you unstrung or strung very poorly. We are determined to correct that. A well-strung pocket makes a huge difference in your gameplay. Feel free to contact us through one of these sources:

-Email: highsierrastrings@gmail.com or blange7513@gmail.com

-Text: 775 997 5791

-Website: highsierrastrings.bigcartel.com

-Or DM on Instagram (@highsierrastrings)

Please contact us for all your lacrosse needs! We string, dye, and sell heads/shafts/mesh. 

Companies we recommend: EastCoastDyes for mesh and shafts, Stringking for mesh, Throne of String for mesh, STX for all gear (not mesh), Warrior for all gear (not mesh), Maverik for heads, shafts, and gloves, Cascade for helmets, StringersShack for mesh and leathers, and JimaLax for mesh. We prefer performance mesh (Hero mesh, Stringking, etc), wax mesh (EastCoastDyes, Throne of String, etc.), and soft/semi-hard mesh (Jimalax, StringersShack, etc.). Hard mesh is very difficult to work with and does not provide the same quality as the other mesh. Performance mesh like Stringking (which is our #1 recommended mesh) will be on the pricier side, but it is definitely worth it. I use performance mesh in all of my sticks. The price of Stringking is $20 for standard performance mesh. Thanks!

We look forward to stringing your sticks and growing the game here in Northern Nevada.

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